Fred Morin is the cofounder of Joe Beef in Montreal, as well as an expanded culinary family that includes McKiernan, Vin Papillon, and Liverpool House, all located a stone's throw from the original restaurant. His unique culinary creations are drawn from invented memories, old films of Louis de Funès, out-of-print books, and of course the best ingredients from our coasts, pastures, and farms.

"I've never flown on the famous Concorde (before my time!), but I like to imagine that the meal trays served on those flights were a bit like the lunch boxes we have created for you. Each little compartment contains something tasty, fresh, gourmet, and and above all, surprising."


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  1. Joe Beef's Apéro

    Joe Beef's Apéro


    Salmon from our smokehouse, Mujol caviar

    Classic cooked ham, Avonlea cheddar shavings

    Cold-smoked pork loin, pork rillette, crabapple jelly, embedded in sterilized alfalfa hay

    Crottin my way, Calvados caramel, fig newtons, Louis d'Or cheese, fruit jelly

    Smoked celeriac, medley of olives and crispy chicken skins

    Herbed foccacia

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  2. L'Apéro de chez Joe Beef - Forfait Bière

    L'Apéro de chez Joe Beef - Forfait Bière


    Saumon de notre fumoir caviar de Mujol

    Jambon blanc de porcelet classique, copeaux de cheddar Avonlea,

    Longe de porc fumé à froid, rillette de porc et gelée de pommettes enfoui dans le foin de luzerne stérilisée

    Duo de fromages fins, chips de bagel, sirop de bouleau et noix

    Crottin à ma manière, caramel au calvados,

    Figue Newton, fromage Louis d’Or, pâte de fruits

    Céleri rave fumé, medley d’olives peau de poulet croustillante

    Focaccia aux herbes

    2x Bières Joe Beef

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  3. Beef Scoter Executive Box

    Beef Scoter Executive Box


    * Main dish to reheat *

    Hot-smocked salmon, black bread with accompanying granish (whipped cream cheese with chives and shallots, fresh horseadish, fresh dill, Mujol caviar, marinated red onions)

    Flat iron steak cooked in our smokehouse, Joe Beef spices and steak sauce, creamed spinach and herbed foccacia

    Crottin my way, herb compote, herbaceous olive oil, sucrine lettuce, croutons, and black pepper

    Gluten-free lemon eclair and ginger snaps

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  4. Joe Beef Smoked Salmon Execuitive Box

    Joe Beef Smoked Salmon Execuitive Box


    Grenoble-style vinaigrette, croutons, shallots, capers, parsley, lemon, dill, and chives

    Niçoise salad, fingerling potatoes with shallots and cider vinaigrette, salmon from our smokehouse, Mujor caviar, and dill

    Fig newtons, Joe Beef-style goat cheese, calvados caramel

    Gluten-free chocolate and hazelnut eclair

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  5.  Duck Salad

    Duck Salad


    Thinly sliced smoked celeriac, brown butter, Avonlea cheddar shavings

    Niçoise salad, green beans, foie gras, duck confit, duck ham, compote of sweet herbs, fingerling potatoes with shallots, and cider vinaigrette

    Louis d'Or cheese, pear jellies, and Beaujolais wine

    Gluten-free eclair, tarte tatin-style apple crumble and Calvados caramel

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  6. 4 Origines - Joe Beef Apocalypse

    4 Origines - Joe Beef Apocalypse

    Ale 4.6% micro brewery beer Learn More
  7. Cygnus Sador Brut Nature Reserva

    Cygnus Sador Brut Nature Reserva

    Cava Espagnol, bio, végan, nature Learn More
  8. Troncone, Le Ragnaie, Toscane

    Troncone, Le Ragnaie, Toscane


    Vin rouge

    Sangiovese 100%

    Note de cerise, framboise, vin léger avec quelques notes fumées et boisées

    Toscane, Italie

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  9. Trebbiano Francesco Cirelli

    Trebbiano Francesco Cirelli

    Vin blanc, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Italie, bio, nature Learn More