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Isabelle Huot is a doctor of nutrition, an entrepreneur, a speaker, an author, a columnist, and above all someone who brings people together. A vegetarian from an early age, by the time she was 7 she preferred to eat a salad rather than a pizza. Without knowing it, she was already laying the foundation for an impressive career.

"What I love most of all is to organize a party where I offer healthy cuisine that's full of colors, textures, and flavors, and then to see the look on my guests' faces when they realize you can eat a vitamin-packed meal without compromising on taste."

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  1. Logo Isabelle Huot

    Energy Buffet Isabelle Huot


    For 5 people
    27.00$ / person
    Cutlery and serving utensils are extra

    10 half-sandwiches:

    5 Bao bread General Tao Chicken sandwich with coriander

    5 Spinach Wrap with feta and green peas patty, hummus, red cabbage, cucumber and baby spinach

    Side dishes

    Fattouche Salad with pita chips, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, onions, fresh herbs and a sumac vinaigrette


    Edamame and tomato salad with grape seed oil vinaigrette

    Platter of light cheddar cheese and fruit

    Dessert :
    10 Isabelle Huot chocolate
    Fresh fruits salad, light syrup, berries garnish

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  2. Logo Isabelle Huot

    Isabelle's Vegetarian Bowl

     Light and healthy meal


    Orange Tofu Meal Bowl, Barley Salad, Kale, Marinated Cabbage and green apples, gluten free tortilla chips, lemon and date vinaigrette


    Utensils and napkin included

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  3. Logo Isabelle Huot

    Isabelle's Indian style Chicken Bowl

    Light and healthy meal


    Indian spiced chicken, tumeric, almond and cumin rice, curi mango salsa, grilled veggies and homemade raita sauce


    Utensils and napkin included

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  4. Logo Isabelle Huot

    Isabelle's Asian Shrimp Bowl


    Light and healthy meal

    Curry, ginger and lime shrimps with cucumbers, carrots, shallots, daikon, lime, coriander, sesame seeds, sushi rice and asian dressing.

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  5. Logo Isabelle Huot

    Isabelle's Practical Salmon Rillette Box


    Light and healthy meal

    Salmon Rillette, St-Méthode's menage bread, spinach and lemon

    Fattouche Salad, tomato, cucumber, raddish, onion, pepper, mint, parsley and sumac vinaigrette

    Light Cheddar, daily fruit

    Isabelle Huot chocolate

    Utensils and napkin included

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  6. Logo Isabelle Huot

    Isabelle's Practical Vegetarian Box


    Light and healthy meal

    Green peas Wrap, feta, hummus, red cabbage, baby spinach and cucumber

    Taboulé Salad, tomatoes, pepper and cucumber, lemon and parsley

    Edamame and tomato Salad, Grape seed oil

    Isabelle Huot chocolate

    Utensils and napkin included

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  7. Logo Isabelle Huot

    Isabelle's General Tao Chicken Box


    Light and healthy meal

    General Tao Chicken in a Bao bread, spinach

    Lentils Salad and sumac

    Marinated Cucumber Salad, asian style

    Isabelle's Chocolate bar

    Utensils and napkin included

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  8. Logo Isabelle Huot

    Isabelle's Snacks - Dark Chocolat Bar 70%

    1 box - 30 units of 19g Learn More
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