Avec Plaisirs Catering : A family business

Since 2001, the year we created Avec Plaisirs Traiteur, we have strived to promote healthy foods without cutting on the culinary experience, even at the office!

In 2005, David Carrier, founder of Aveca Plaisirs Traiteur takes over his parent’s business, Agnus Dei, and founds the Maison Carrier Besson (MCB) which now leads Avec Plaisirs Catering, Agnus Dei, la Scena et Restauration 10. (More info)



Do Work and Pleasure go together in your mind? 

If you have a team spirit, if you are creative and you want to partake in a wonderful human adventure, then come and join us!


We all always open to spontaneous approaches. So do not hesitate to send your resume to our wonderful Human Resources Department at:

Simple Values and a common Vision

Avec Plaisirs Traiteur_Emploi

The strength of our enterprise is that of our teams, which are guided by our values and a common vision.

We are convinced that our teams are our best ambassadors, and that they bring our values to life.

Excellence, creativity, collaboration and social responsibility are the ingredients of all we undertake.


Avec Plaisirs Traiteur_Carrieres

Joins our Team and Live MCB Experience

Joining MCB is joining a multicultural, multi-generational, dynamic and creative team.

It is also joining a family experience with over 30 years of history and pleasure.

Avec Plaisirs Traiteur_Emploi

Delicious Working Conditions

We leverage our team members’ talents and experience so that they can fully develop their potential.

At MCB, for this to be possible, we truly believe that we have to offer all our employees, more than “good” working conditions.

Avec Plaisirs Traiteur_Carrieres

The MCB Family is growing

We are always searching for new talents to join our family:

  • Kitchen
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Client servuces and events
  • Administration