Don’t miss these local food products at Winter’s end
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Don’t miss these local food products at Winter’s end

All throughout the year, you can enjoy a multitude of local products in Quebec. Even in the dead of winter, our producers offer a wide range of organic, wholesome and tasty options! It comes as no surprise that 54% of Quebecers choose to frequently purchase local products, a growing tendency according to the "Baromètre de la consommation responsable". Here are five must-haves.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Locally grown and harvested in the fall, many fruits and vegetables benefit from a long shelf-life. Available throughout the winter months are; cabbage, parsnip, carrot, potatoes, celeriac, beet, endive, turnip, fennel, cranberry, leek, apple, squash, artichoke, rutabaga, etc. With the purchase of an organic paniers bio, one can enjoy these fresh products throughout the snowy season and to fill the tank with mineral content, vitamin B and C, fiber, potassium and antioxidant.

Recipe : Roasted root vegetables with thyme


Local products


 2. Honey

What could be more local than honey? This precious golden liquid is the result of a season’s worth of foraging done by our bees. Beekeepers in Quebec offer a wide variety of essences to discover the flavours of the land. Benefits: Winter is the best season to enjoy all its health benefits. It has antibacterial properties, strengthens the immune system and soothe sore throats.

Recipes : Carrot and honey cakes

3. Oils

Olive oil is good, but Quebec oils are great! Try making your own vinaigrettes and cooking with one of these local products such as hemp oil with a hint of hazelnut, better yet, a slightly fruity sunflower oil, or even camelina oil with a pronounced taste of alfalfa and the very delicate linseed oil to get vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6

Recipes : Asian vinaigrette

4. Boreal spices

We have all consumed our fair share of foreign spices... It’s time to broaden our horizons by taking a closer look to what we have here. Enjoy the astonishing richness of Quebec’s Boreal forest through its spices and seasoning. Some of our world-renowned spirits owe their success to these Boreal spices. At home, raise the bar of common dishes by incorporating dune peppers, wild celery roots, myrica seeds, sagebrush, Labrador teas and much more. Benefits: Many herbal teas with medicinal properties to choose from, added flavor to dishes while avoiding salt and sugar.

Recipes : Chocolate tart and dune pepper

5. Flours

Quebec has a long history of flour production. As most flours keep very well, why not stock up at a local mill? The best whole and organic flours can be found close to home! Whole flours are high in fiber, protein and minerals.

Recipes : Homemade whole wheat bread 

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