5 decoration ideas
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5 decoration ideas

Wellbeing is paramount for employee morale and productivity, livening up the workspace will inevitably have an influence. One must not forget that the office where people spend the majority of their waking hours. Here are some tips to make the workplace feel welcoming.

1. Light Is the Genesis of Life

A moody lighting will stimulate the senses. Having one’s own individual lamp will add some warmth to one workstation. One should consider the use of halogen bulbs as these will render colours more vivid.

2. Freedom Within one’s Workspace

One must banish conformity and uniformity, preferring wheeled furniture, which can easily be moved, permitting the occasional re-sculpting of one’s workspace to follow one’s whims or feelings. This will also help towards mobility in escaping the full day seated position.

3. Embrace Nature

The feeling of being in a “green” space with access to beauty and nature helps to boost concentration and relieve stress. A few plants and: Voila!

4. Colours and Textures Inspire

Based on the wall finish, they can inspire energy or calm. The sense of touch can be qualified as electric. The textures of wood or stone contrast with soft textures, such is the electricity which powers the senses.

5. Stupendous Office Supplies

An amusing and creative calendar can liven the workspace while clearly setting out one’s schedule. Another idea is to have a whiteboard to note one’s thoughts or to draw an inspiring image, etc. A mirror can easily make the workspace appear bigger while adding a touch of individuality.

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