5 Activities for Having a Team Spirit 2.0
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5 Activities for Having a Team Spirit 2.0

You get along well with your colleagues, but you feel that the team spirit could be stronger and through unity, make the workplace more collaborative? Here are 5 activities to suggest to your colleagues to strengthen your relationships and team spirit.

1. Walking Meetings

Sometimes, it is a good idea to break a routine. Get out of the conference room and go outside. Embrace the Aristotelian peripatetic school and have a meeting while walking slowly outside. It is a perfect way of airing out one’s mind and ideas. A perfect way to liberate speech while combatting sedentarity.

2. Party… often!

Celebrating attaining common goals need not be a grandiose thing, but it should be undertaken as often as possible. This will remind all that goals are attainable. Nothing better to maintain high motivation.

3. Get out of the office!

Events such as meals (either, at a restaurant or, weather permitting, a picnic) are times, which encourage conversation and exchange. Furthermore, organizing a group to do volunteer work for a given charity is a powerful means to cement a team together.

4. Forging a Common Experience

Nothing can bring people together like a shared history. One very good way of going about such a thing is the creation of a common timeline. Such a timeline should show the high points of the company’s history as well as giving team members the opportunity to include some seminal moments of their lives, either personal or professional.

5. Games… No Kidding!

Most team building activities will cause more embarrassment than enthusiasm. Look for activities which will aide in improving communication, trust and collaboration. For example, the “Camp Fire Game” where cards supporting themes/questions will fuel discussion between colleagues arranged in a circle, as if around a camp fire.

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