Avec Plaisirs has more than 14 years of expertise in the business of corporate meals and office cocktails. We offer healthy and delicious menus as well as solutions to make life easier for our clients while entertaining their guests. Our menu includes hot and cold buffets, lunch bags, cocktails, healthy breakfasts and more !

Founded in 1986 by husband and wife team Pierre Carrier and Jaqueline Besson, Agnus Dei caterer has succeeded in distinguishing itself over the years by the originality of its culinary creations, the appeal of its food and the quality of its service.

In 2001, David Carrier, son of the founders of Agnus Dei, launches Avec Plaisirs, a caterer in Montreal specializing in corporate menus and services. Avec Plaisirs offers delicious corporate meals accessible to all, allowing Agnus Dei to devote itself to private and large-scale culinary events.

In 2009, Scena – The event space, opens on the quays of the Old Port of Montreal. All are charmed by its sleek design and stunning views of downtown Montreal and the marina.

In 2015, the next big step. Avec Plaisirs and the complete Maison Carrier Besson team move to Mill Street, in a location of unmatched standards in Montreal, where all activities are now concentrated.

In the same year, Avec Plaisirs forms a partnership with Hotel10. This collaboration allows customers of the hotel, located on Sherbrooke Street, to enjoy a distinctive dining experience in a unique place with a design that expresses the history of Montreal while at the same time being modern and chic.