Discover our packaged lactose-free formulas!

Bento, meal-salads or bowls-meals, make your choice!

  1. Selection lunch tray  lactose free
    Selection lunch tray lactose free

    White quinoa, kale, cherry tomatoes, corn

    Moroccan salad with green lentils

    Fresh salmon salad, zucchini and spinach wrapped in a squid ink tortilla

    Veggie pâté tortillas with crunchy vegetables

    Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate

  2. Red Wines
    Red Wines

    Importations red wines - bottle.

  3. Unavailable for the selected date and time
    Lactose-free bento
    Lactose-free bento

    Kale, diced carrots and mangoes

    Orzo salad with raisins and cucumber

    Miso and marinated ginger tofu roll (whole sandwich)

    Chocolate mendiants