Avec Plaisirs Catering : A family story 

Avec Plaisirs has more than 15 years of expertise in the business of corporate meals and office cocktails. We offer healthy and delicious menus as well as solutions to make life easier for our guests while feasting on their guests.



The pleasures of the table at the office

Founded in 1986 by husband and wife team Pierre Carrier and Jaqueline Besson, Agnus Dei caterer has succeeded in distinguishing itself over the years by the originality of its culinary creations, the appeal of its food and the quality of its service. 

Since its creation more than 30 years ago, Agnus Dei stands out with original culinary creations and quality service. Thanks to this, the company has become one of the largest caterers in Quebec.



Burger canard_Avec Plaisirs Traiteur


David Carrier, son of the founders of Agnus Dei, launches Avec Plaisirs Catering, a caterer in Montreal specializing in corporate menus and services.

Avec Plaisirs Catering offers delicious corporate meals accessible to all, allowing Agnus Dei to devote itself to private and large-scale culinary events.

Boîtes à lunch écologiques


The forerunner of eco-friendly lunchboxes that are fully compostable and recyclable from Avec Plaisirs Traiteur.

That same year, Pierre Carrier and Jacqueline Besson left the presidency of the Maison Carrier Besson to their son David. Since 2005, Maison Carrier Besson has overseen all businesses created by the Carrier family. 

Scena - vieux port - Montréal


La Scena, event space, opens on the quays of the Old Port of Montreal. All are charmed by its sleek design and stunning views of downtown Montreal and the marina.


Hôtel 10


It is the next big step, the complete Maison Carrier Besson team move to Mill Street, in a location of unmatched standards in Montreal.

In the same year, Avec Plaisirs Catering forms a partnership with HOTEL10. This collaboration allows customers of the hotel, located on Sherbrooke Street, to enjoy a distinctive dining experience in a unique place.


Commande en ligne Traiteur_Avec Plaisirs Traiteur


Online order

Buffet or lunch box, it is now possible to order all your meals online via a user-friendly platform that will please everyone.

Short time in front of you to order? Opt for a quick order with our formulas already ready.

Want to leave the leader who is in you? Create your own formulas yourself and choose the meal of your guests from our wide variety of dishes.


Logo Maison Carrier Besson

La Maison Carrier Besson

Since 2005, La Maison Carrier Besson, named in honor of the two founders, oversees all the divisions created by the Carrier family: Agnus Dei traiteur, Avec Plaisirs Traiteur. These three companies each have their own mission, but share their resources to offer the best gastronomic experiences possible.


Logo Scena

La Scena

Scena is an event space that hosts a variety of private and public events throughout the year, including Chez Lëon, Chef à l'érable and Igloofest.

Located in the heart of Old Montreal, Scena surprises with its most impressive environment. Invested in a huge building with a sleek design where the metal structures alongside a large fenestration, this beautiful place has three terraces that offer a view of the downtown Montreal and its marina. During the summer, Scena is transformed into a chic terrace where you can enjoy a cuisine on the Mediterranean-inspired grill.

Capacity: 425 people in cocktail formula 200 people in meal formula on plate

Montreal : 514.288.0914 | Contact


Logo Maison Carrier Besson


For modern meeting spaces or a summer event on a beautiful terrace adjoining Old Montreal and Plateau Mont-Royal, l’HOTEL 10 is all right.

In addition to offering you an exceptional place whose design expresses the history of Montreal while being current and distinguished, With Pleasures Traiteur in collaboration with Agnus Dei Traiteur allows the customers of the HOTEL 10 to enjoy a distinctive culinary experience.

Capacity: 225 persons in cocktail formula and 140 persons in meal formula on the plate

Montreal : 514.843.6000 | Contact

Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei – Event catering

For more than 25 years now, Agnus Dei has been shaking up traditions and provoking changes, creating a gastronomy that is both fine and surprising. Specializing in event gastronomy and offering all the services of a high-end caterer, Agnus Dei is the caterer of choice for a clientele of loyal epicureans and demanding organizers and has participated in the success of countless major events.

www.agnusdei.ca | 514.866.2323