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Since 2001, the year of our foundation, Avec Plaisirs Catering has strived to accompany its clients. Our mission is to accompany you in “creating flavours and culinary experiences beyond your guests’ expectations.”

Over the past year, we've had to adapt and create events differently. Avec Plaisirs offers you solutions, allowing you to maintain your events while remaining original, creative and festive!



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« Creator of events for your success » 


No matter the size of the event, we have turnkey solutions for you. With Avec Plaisirs Évènements, you are choosing The Solution which will ensure that your guests will remember this event!

Cold buffets, hot buffets or cocktails, we offer healthy and delicious menus.




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Avec Plaisirs Traiteur_Évènements_buffet


Selecting Avec Plaisirs Events, is:

  • Choosing an eco-responsible caterer (more)
  • Choosing event planning specialists
  • Ensuring trust and delivery for a successful event
  • A large choice of quality menus
  • A place-based service (in association with Agnus Dei Traiteur)
  • Qualified and professional personnel and an available bar service.