Aware and committed

Our eco-friendly stance

When you order from Avec Plaisirs Traiteur, you participate in the preservation of nature and help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Our challenge is to always take into consideration the environment throughout our activities. To this end, we are constantly looking for solutions which will improve our eco-friendly stance.


  • We collaborate with local producers who share our environmental commitment
  • Our meal boxes are 100% recyclable and the plastics used are 100% compostable
  • We are associate with PLANETAIR to neutralize our delivery carbon emissions through their carbon-credit program
  • A proactive day-to-day positive attitude towards the environment is held by all our employees



You too can participate in our eco-friendly efforts through simple gestures !



Étape 1 : Your delivery boxes can be recycle. 

Étape 2 : Compost the interior and cutlery plastics.

Étape 3 : Enjoy the knowledge that you have helped our planet :) 

Ecological and environmental boxes



At the heart of nutrition

We have always strived to promote healthy and varied menus as a requirement to living a better life. 


Isabelle Huot

A balanced diet

Vegetables, a little less meat, a little more vegetal protein, less sugar and overall, variety and pleasure in your plate! This is exactly what Avec Plaisir Traiteur offers!

Isabelle Huot's advices

PhD in nutrition, author and journalist for television and written media, she has been an expert consultant for Avec Plaisirs Traiteur for many years.

Isabelle will select her “best bets” from our menus. Marked by a heart in the Website listing, she heartily recommends those particular dishes or options.