Cocktail combos

Cocktail combos

Perfect for a Happy Hour at the office!

Minimum of 10 guests

  1. The continental*
    The continental*

    Homemade seasonal scones

    Homemade mini-muffns

    Homemade jam

    Fresh fruits salad and seasoning syrup

    Cheddar stick

  2. The fortifying
    The fortifying

    OLT sandwich (frittata style omelet, lettuce, tomato), mayonnaise on ciabatta with virgin olive oil

    Seasonal fruit scones

    Fresh fruits salad

    Cheddar sticks

  3. The sweet and salty
    The sweet and salty

    Brie and grape compote on bucheron loaf

    Seasonal fruit scones

    Fresh fruit salad

    Cheddar sticks

  4. The early bird
    The early bird

    Seasonal fruits scones

    Plain yogurt



    Cheddar sticks