Buffet Gourmet

Buffet Gourmet

Appetizers, sandwiches, pizzas and dessert at your choice!

Minimum of 10 guests

  1. Gourmet Buffet
    Gourmet Buffet

    2 appetizers or salads

    2 sandwiches

    Platter of specialty pizzas

    Gourmet dessert

  2. Unavailable for the selected date and time
    Holiday Executive, the veggie
    Holiday Executive, the veggie

    Orange and maple marinated tempeh satay vegetables wrap

    Honey-marinated tofu, grilled sesame, caramelized squash, pumpkin seeds, red quinoa, crunchy vegetable tagliatelle with pesto

    Gourmet cheese duo, birch syrup, croutons, nuts and berries

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