Being green in the office, it can be done!
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Being green in the office, it can be done!

The environment is an important topic, always taking more space in our lives. We must treat our beautiful planet better. By adopting simple habits, it’s easy to reduce our ecological footprint, waste and to save energy! Here are five things you can do every day at the office.

1. Better eating

Mealtime at work can be a source of huge waste… or the perfect opportunity to get closer to the lofty goal of zero waste. Bring a BPA free water bottle to hydrate yourself, a non-disposable cup for coffee or tea, as well as reusable utensils and containers for lunches.

2. Thoughts for the trees

Avoid printing on paper. If possible, read and edit text on the computer screen only. Use environmentally friendly office materials. Try Ecosia for your web searches, their profits are used to finance reforestation projects!

3. Staying natural

Having real plants in the office is good for your health and productivity. Be sure to use cleaners based on natural, non-toxic substances. Turn off the lights and take advantage of daylight for lighting as much as possible. In the bathroom, try using biodegradable soap or recycled paper.

4. Conserving energy

Try the experience of going to work other than by car and reduce your carbon footprint. At the office, take the stairs occasionally instead of the elevator. After the work day, turn off your computer to avoid consuming unnecessary electricity.

5. Life cycle

Keep a corner of your workspace clear for the recovery of printed materials, packaging and recyclable containers. Avoid buying products that will end up in the trash. Encourage your co-workers to collect the coffee grounds and brewed tea for composting. For your team lunches, consider Avec Plaisirs lunch boxes, 100% recyclable and compostable.

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